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2023 03 - 08

eBketone awarded as World's Best Ketone Monitor by UK-based "BestReviews.Guide"


Hsinchu, Taiwan — March 8, 2023 — Visgeneer Group's eBmonitor® range of blood monitors once again proved its reliability and popularity on the world stage, the second time this year. Our eBketone Blood Ketone Monitoring System, together with its variants, scored all of the top three spots in the "10 Best Keto Monitors" review by renowned customer reviews website "BestReviews.Guide" based in the UK.

“Our eBketone Blood Ketone Monitoring System was designed with both diabetes patients and ketogenic dieters in mind and the results have proved that our hardwork did not go in vain,” said Dr. Ken-Shwo Dai, Ph.D., CEO, Visgeneer Group. “We consistently listen to feedback from our customers and will continue to make the product available to more people around the world.”

For more information on our eBketone Blood Ketone Monitoring System, please click here.


About Visgeneer Group

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Visgeneer Group is a global innovator for health solutions encompassing blood diagnostics, EU Patent skincare, zeaxanthin and cancer gene testing. Since our inception in 2005, we have produced award-winning products and industry firsts and continue to work relentlessly to empower individuals, regardless of health conditions they may have, to live life to their fullest under our vision "Envisioning the world anew. Engineering for Generations to come." Visgeneer is listed in Taiwan with stock ticker 4197. For more information on Visgeneer Group, please visit