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e for electronic & easy

B for blood

eBmonitor is your #1 choice as homecare partner.

Born in 2006 under Visgeneer Group Founder Dr. Dai's vision to restore control of our health back to our own hands, eBmonitor® has since become the leading brand in the industry for multi-parameter monitoring and is often acclaimed for its industry-leading specifications and accuracy.

With a father whom suffered from diabetes and had trouble finding a simple-to-use blood glucose monitor, Dr. Dai went ahead to develop a blood monitor that is not just accurate, but also easy to use. This led to the creation of our first model: eBsensor, world's first blood glucose monitor with sleek and single button design.


Adhering to our vision of "Envisioning the world anew. Engineering for Generations to come", Visgeneer Group aspire to empower people with diabetes and other health conditions to live a life without boundaries. People in some 80+ countries depend on our eBmonitor® brand products to manage diabetes and other chronic diseases with our reliable and easy-to-use monitors.



Quick Facts about Visgeneer Group:

  • Publicly listed company in Taiwan
  • Certified with CE, US FDA, ISO, TFDA...etc
  • Present in 80+ countries across 6 continents


Group Site:

Group Introduction Video:


Visgeneer HQ

Our Headquarters

Located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan's "Silicon Valley"

Completed in 2015, our state-of-the-art HQ houses our engineers & team that makes the monitoring systems on your hands come into life.

  • 88
  • Countries with Presence
  • 21
  • Patents Obtained
Our Journey

Dating back to 2005

Established in Hsinchu City, Taiwan's "Silicon Valley"
Launched our first Glucose Monitor: eBsensor
Become publicly traded in Taiwan
Introduced Ketone Monitors
Introduced Uric Acid Monitors
Introduced Cholesterol Monitors